Basso and Brooke The Fall 2009 Story

Written By , on August 2, 2009

If someone wanted to paint a picture for fall the quickest way to find colors that inspire would be to look at the Basso and Brooke fall collection. In one fell swoop Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke did what they do best, take color and explode it onto fabric. The melange this season isn’t some haphazard foray into the world of Jackson Pollack though (for that, see the Spring 2009 collection). The Fall season brings a whimsical Alice in Wonderland type of quality while not abandoning the seriousness of English fashion and culture.

Basso and Brooke Fall 09 Bag

Some personal picks for the fall include the Basso and Brook large oversize handbags. They vary in color and shape but they are unmistakable when it comes to the size of these gargantuan bags. Were you looking to move, the bags would allow you to store at least half of your personal accessories. Here the thought in fashion was miniaturization, Basso and Brooke toss that notion aside with authority and a certitude. The pair goes so far as to splash colors that might rankle the uninitiated, but the fashion lover whose heart beats faster for originality will need to calm down or cardiac arrest will ensue.

Basso and Brooke Fall 09 Shoes

Even more worrisome for those with weak hearts or less than strong knees come the Basso and Brooke shoes. Almost daring a wearer to put on something that clashes with an entire ensemble, Basso and Brooke introduces lace-up open-toe pumps in violet with dashed black pattern prints. During fashion week the two foisted these shoes on an unsuspected audience to the delight of many.

The Basso and Brooke line comes highly recommended as a Papierdoll Selection for Fall 2009.

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