Model Profile: Nicolette

Written By , on June 1, 2009

Some think that modeling is a flighty lightweight profession done by those who can amble their way through life not eating anything and primping for the camera. Those who would think along those lines miss the hours of preparation, the time spent at casting calls, the amount of work required to get into makeup, having to deal with less than scrupulous individuals and the many other issues that arise. Make no mistake, it is not all bad, modeling is glamorous work, but there’s also the aforementioned underbelly.

We went to London to look at several models that are making a splash (or trying to) in the industry. In the previous edition of model profiles we looked at . This month we look at model Nicolette and toss some questions her way to get her view on the industry, working and all that it takes to be a model. The interview follows below:

Publishing June 5, 2009


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