Written By , on October 1, 2008

Photography Patrick Clinton

photography Patrick Clinton
make up and hair Leo Oley for Macpro
models Ola and Alesia (Muse Models)
stylist Cheryl Gray

There’s something non-committal about the Autumn season. Recently the weather has left many confused. It’s not quite warm, it’s not quite cold, nor on its way to cold. That’s the case at least in the mid-atlantic and north east. Maybe its due to global warming. Others around the world have noticed the trend as well and so they state that the weather is not Autumn, but Autumnish. It’s not a word you will find in the dictionary, its a recently created word. When photographer Patrick Clinton came to us with these photos editors all stated that the photos reminded them of Autumn but in that same non-committal manner. It was very… Autumnish.