Expensive Non-Surgical Ways to Look Younger

Written By , on September 2, 2008

As the twilight season begins here in the northern hemisphere, some are reminded of how changes in the year nearly mirror changes in life. A truer thing has never been said specifically when it comes to beauty. Sure, there is an existential conversation to be had somewhere about how fall and winter remind us of the waning period in life, that conversation can be saved for a later day. It’s not that the thought of going into the great beyond scares most people (though it does give some folks the creeps), its that a certain amount of grace is thought to be lost when that happens.

Take the fall season for example. Gone are the wonderfully long days with glorious sunshine and that summer scent. In comes the cooler weather with the dry leaves that eventually hit the ground in darkness at 4pm. If Fall is the beginning of the great march towards winter and death, the season can go gracefully (if at all), were there and anti-aging cream for the season like Rose Plus Anti-Aging Body Cream.

This cream, sold by Organic Pharmacy doesn’t promise to make you look younger, it just says that the great beyond beautywise, may have to wait awhile. The proof in the pudding is Ogranic Pharmacy’s choice of ingredients. Reading it is like viewing a hit parade of medicines taken in the apothecary days of old. An alchemist or witch-doctor would love the concoction created by this beauty company. Inside Rose Plus’ Anti Aging Body Cream comes guarana, rose, ivy, meadowsweet, bladderwack and horsetail. If you were eating, apologies are in order. This mix of strangeness retails for a queenly sum of $300, but has the ability to help cure the ills of wrinkles and lax skin.

The question is, does it work? If you’re looking to get ready for Fall beauty, this is how do it. Let’s say you made a bond with yourself to work off in the twilight season and rise like a phoenix come Spring, the anti-aging body cream is the way to do it short of getting under a doctor’s scalpel. So what will the ingredients do? Here’s a quick rundown: the guarana is a natural source of caffeine that breaks down fat by stimulating it (no sci-fi here), the other ingredients perform a couple of tasks like reducing triglyceride formation, detoxifing the skin and toning and firming.

Being that this is a body cream there are several places on the body where this will work wonders. Massage this cream into areas that are known for displaying the visual effects of aging. Some of these places include the arms, thighs, buttocks, neck, decollete’ and hands. You’ll want to do this normally after taking a bath. The makers say that you’ll want to work the cream in for at least 5 minutes, but anyone who has five minutes in their day for simply lotioning the skin has way too much time on their hands. Just work the product generously for maximum results.

Next month the kickoff to fall beauty happens with several products that will protect your skin against the cold weather. See you in October!


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