Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes and Matissme

Written By , on August 2, 2008

Can someone tell makeup companies that even the most jaded beauty writer will swoon and gush like a teen in front of a boy band if they come up with creative packaging? Forget the efficacy of whatever the product might be. Is it a lip gloss that kind of works? Is it wrapped in some sort of contraption doubling as marketing package? Sure, send it this way. Is it eyeliner that makes everyone wonder exactly how to use it? Absolutely, put it in the mail. Yes the review will be reflective of a bad product, but for the most part, a shiny package goes at least part of the way in assessing an overall product’s success with writers but more importantly the public at large.

This is why Givenchy’s new Phemonen’Eyes mascara product strikes a wonderful even balance between function and medieval art. Combine that with the Matissime collection fronted by Liv Tyler and there’s a winning combination in this pot of makeup gold.


Why not create mascara that’s a bit tough to understand? Is it a torture device or is it something that gives you long, lovely lashes for hours? Ding, Ding, Ding!! Correct, it’s both. Givenchy creates a look for fall that makes a wearer wonder whether this is a dangerous weapon or something very special. The weapon part of this formula is that it doesn’t follow normal beauty conventions. Traditionally, mascara comes to the eyes in an elongated brush that, if done correctly, will lengthen the entire eye line. Phenomen’ Eyes is a long candlestick-like product with a pointed edge resembling mace, but no less effective than it’s linear brethren. Does it work? In a word, the smoky look will be accomplished in spades no matter what your complexion. And while you will need to give the product a little something to work with, in the form of generous lashes, once it is applied, you will want for nothing. The Phenomen’ Eyes product is part of Givenchy’s Fall Dandy collection coming to a store near you this August.


If Liv Tyler is fronting your beauty campaign; you are going to sell like hotcakes. A sidebar: do hotcakes really sell? And if they do, what do they sell like? Hotcakes? I digress. Forget the full lips of Angelina Jolie, Liv’s are shapely with form. Combine that with a great complexion that can use but a splash of color and voila! You have Matissime. This powder foundation with Matte finish provides an heir of invincibility. It promises to provide long lasting relief compared to the foundations that tend to cake up and abandon at the entirely wrong moment. According to the product’s packaging, Matissime is supposed to have an “exceptional capacity to absorb sebum and humidity.” The foundation essentially allows the skin to breathe. No more pore-covering beauty that ends up causing pimples instead of helping avoid them. Does it work? After seven days of using it, without equivocation, it can be said that Matissime is a different type of makeup product. It bodes well for all possibly ushering in a new era for foundation.

These two products, Phenomen’Eyes and Matissime may be Givenchy’s way of laying down the gauntlet. So-so makeup beware, there’s a new sheriff in town.

online: Givenchy Make up website


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    Looks absolutely deli-sshh!! I would really looovvveee to try the new make up range. Especially seeing Live Tyler looking all so glammed up, in true style. Givenchy never disappoints

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