Brighton Memoirs

Written By , on July 1, 2008

Photography Anne-Marie Michel

photos– Anne-Marie Michel
fashion editor — Aradia Crockett
hair– Daminie Hutton
makeup– Sandra Cooke

model– Kamil from Bookings Models London

There are beaches in London! No really there are! Yes it rains a lot and the food… well. But there really are beaches in London and you can actually swim in them. With that we took a photo crew and sent them to find these elusive beaches. Some in New York exclaimed that the searches for a beach in London is akin to searching for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. Though our team in London was subject to ridicule, finger pointing and abusive phone calls, in the end, the proof in the photos meant that New York would have to eat it’s words. And then we woke up from a dream and realized, there are no beaches in London. Not a one. Not even a tiny one. New Yorkers can still be proud of Coney Island, Manhattan, Jones and any other of their dreaded beaches. We’ll keep the light on for Brighton because that’s the closest Londonders will ever get to having a beach in their city even if it’s miles and miles away. Brighton takes on a whole new meaning for the folks back in New York.


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