Changing the Beauty Channel for HD Makeup

Written By , on May 1, 2008

Our television sets are getting sharper, camcorders are zooming in for detailed close ups and even web cams are now able to produce rich, high quality pictures. Are we really ready for the close up? With the advent of HDTV in 2009, Hollywood won’t be the only place that demands picture-perfect looks. Consumers are picking up the trends in HD makeup to ensure a flawless complexion and supreme coverage under every light and camera angle.

HD-ready technologies right around the corner means every detail will be hitting that lens and magnified for better picture quality. TV and media professionals are already shifting gears in wardrobe and makeup to accommodate for the change, opting for bolder and more refined styles of clothing, and richer, deeper tones for makeup. Since standard formulas don’t cover up skin pigmentation, fine lines and other imperfections, the class of ‘high definition makeup’ may be the answer for creating those flawless looks under the microscopic lens of HD technologies. The consumer beauty market is also changing the channel by stocking up on high definition (HD) makeup from the nearest beauty counter.

By picking up just the right amount of light and making the skin appear naturally smooth, HD makeup is changing the way beauty addicts across the country are selecting and applying basic cosmetics. From emollient-rich foundation to silk-based loose powder, HD makeup is infused with an extra dose of vitamins, minerals and mattifying ingredients to withstand the heat of the spotlight and create a sharp, flawless look for an unforgiving camera.

To create eyes that mesmerize during closeups, MAC Cosmetics presents the Zoom Lash Mascara with a thickening formula and deep, sultry color. The mascara is designed to lift, lengthen and curl the lashes in one easy sweep, and promises to be smudgeproof as last for hours under the camera’s eye. At the drugstore, Max Factor has launched its Vivid Impact Mascara with a highlighting top coat and a tint of color. This formula adds more definition to the lashes without clashing with eyeshadow, and the super-rich formula strengthens and lengthens lashes to the max.

Creating flawless, smooth and youthful skin is perhaps the biggest challenge for makeup artists preparing for the critical cameras on the runway or movie sets. Smashbox Cosmetics serves as one of the leading picks for camera-worthy looks with its high definition foundation collection. The Healthy FX formulas promise to be a revolutionary ‘cell-energizing formula’ that provide a boost of hydration for the skin and also contain SPF 15 – perfect for those outdoor shots at the beach. With its thick and pliable consistency, the Smashbox formula goes on smooth as silk and covers up almost every imperfection.

Since every foundation needs a powder finish partner; the Make Up Forever Matte Loose Powder manages to reflect natural light for a polished look and provide smudge-free coverage. The powder settles like dust onto foundation, concealer and eyeshadow to set everything in place. High definition foundation, combined with a silk-based loose powder may be the ideal combination for the in-demand flawless finish.

And when it comes to creating the perfect movie star pucker, Vincent Longo brings us a lip gloss with a lacquer-like finish that would make Marilyn Monroe jealous . Instead of settling for a glossy gel look for the lips, beauty enthusiasts can enjoy three-dimensional shine in a lineup of rich, vibrant colors.

The classic makeup tricks of Hollywood makeup artists may soon be a thing of the past with the latest developments in high definition makeup. When its time to perform under fluorescent lights and zoom in for a close up, only the best foundations, lip tints and mascara can create the bold looks we’ll be yearning for in the next generation.


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