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Written By , on April 2, 2008

Believing makeup company’s promises is akin to believing that a politician will do exactly as he/she says when running for election. The key is to read between the lines. Will the mascara truly enhance the eyes? Will the blush enhance bone structure? Will the New York governor admit to any more sins? No? Ok well then some investigative work will have to be done. While we can’t bug a politician’s office or bedroom (though we doubt there’s much of a difference), we can experiment with several makeup products with reckless abandon. This month the focus is on lips and the various new items out. Some fall flat on their promises and others have completely taken over our bathroom closets.

Calvin Klein’s Lip Plumper

There’s absolutely no doubt that Calvin Klein has no idea what this lip plumper is like. The designer is so far removed from the same brand that carries his name it would be surprising if he knew that he carried a lip pumper at all. The company does, and it is a godsend minus the excess shine. Klein’s “Fully Delicious Sheer Plumping Lip Gloss” is simply one of the better gloss/plumpers on the market. The promise of fuller looking lips is enhanced specifically through the shine. Dab a little at the top and work it all around. In minutes there’s this voluminous shine that gives the illusion of plumper lips. While no one will confuse you with Angelina Jolie, the plumper does have its’ merits. There is such a thing as being too shiny and that could be a byproduct of the greasy feeling that this gloss has. But it is not so overwhelming as to dissuade a tryout or even purchase. Verdict Definitely worth it.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect

Here’s how you do a lip gloss without having that aforementioned greasy effect. Dior’s Ultra Gloss Reflect lip gloss is shiny, it’s not attempting to be a plumper and a gloss all in one. This product is unambiguous in what it is trying to do. It is a gloss that comes in 16 different colors. Dior even has darker colors that reflect all the different shades in which women come. The true shine effect that you get from this is not slippery. It also lasts a good 4 hours without starting that whole dry cracking process. A recommended product that comes in a little hefty at $24.50.

Nars Lipstick

If you were to purchase one lipstick for the Spring, this is it. Nars describes this lipstick as “a pure creamy lipstick formula.” Though the lipsticks come in a variety of pastellish colors there’s also deep colors that help out for more boldness. What you really love about the lipstick though is that it lasts an extremely long time, Let’s say you were to put it on under Spring weather conditions (between 50 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit) you’ll find that it would last for just under 8 hours. The range of colors is also astounding. I’ve counted 23 different colors, but there are tons more. This is simply one of the top lipstick products out there. It is somewhat expensive at $24, but it’s worth every penny. Available at Sephora.

Stila Lip Rouge

The Stila Lip Rouge pens are essential if you are looking to add a certain degree of fullness to your lips. Simply line the lips with this “marker”. It actually works best with lipstick from the brand as the colors match other colors already in their product line. The design of the nib (tip) also helps getting the fullness aspect of your lips perfect. A great product at $20.

Laura Geller Lip Spackle

Laura Geller’s Lip Spackle is exclusively available at the Sephora site. The truth about this product is that we really enjoyed using it. “We” meaning everyone at the Papierdoll offices. You use it like a primer very similar to a first coat of paint. The purpose of the product is to give a longer lasting moisturized feeling on the lips. It also plumps up the lips very similar to a plumper. The difference with this is that you can actually add lipstick after putting this lip spackle product. It is available for $21.50.


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