Wonderbra Hailed as Greatest Fashion Invention Ever

Written By , on March 21, 2008

Move over bootcut jeans and the toga, the Wonderbra is officially being hailed the greatest fashion invention ever. 3,000 women were asked in a survey by British company Debenhams what they thought the greatest fashion invention ever was. The answer was nearly unanimous, the device that pushes up and accentuates the female breasts. Speaking on the results of the poll Caroline Adams of Debenhams said:

“Push-up bras have become a wardrobe weapon for millions of women across the world.

“Fashion items that can help create the perfect silhouette have become must-have items for women and there is no shame in faking the body beautiful.

“The underwear item not only makes women feel incredibly sexy, but it creates the ultimate cleavage.”

Other items on the list include the mini skirt, hipster jeans, bootcut jeans and the little black dress.


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