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Written By , on March 3, 2008

Since starting acting during early childhood Marion Cotillard has had a deep passionate relationship with her profession. Her resume began officially in the mid-90s and flourished during the late 90s when she was cast in Luc Besson’s production Taxi starring as Lili Bertineau. The series became so popular that she eventually reprised the role in two sequels. She then went on to start in a story of twins who exchanges lives after one of them dies in Les Jolies Choses.

Cotillard is synonymous with French audiences and cinephiles for the various roles she’s played. Her list of movies reads like a list of someone going through different stages of development in employment. Cotillard had a small role in Tim Burton’s film Big Fish, the earliest movie that introduced her to English movie audiences. She played Sophie Kowalski in Love Me if You Dare, she also acted in A Very Long Engagement as Tina Lombardi as a character who reveled in murder. Cotillard also found time to appear in mystery drama Innocent and Ridley Scott’s A Good Year.

Best Lead Actress Oscar

Marion Cotillard suprised all of Hollywood and the media at large when as a relative unknown she was nominated and won and Oscar for her performance in the bio Pic La Mome (English title: La Vie En Rose). In the film, Cotillard plays French singer Edith Piaf, trials, tribulations, success and all. Cotillard’s performance in the film was critically praised the world over. Her dead-on portrayal of Piaf in the film led to several major awards including the BAFTA Award for the Best Actress in a Leading Role, Cesar Award for Best Actress and finally the grand award two days later Academy Award for Best Actress. Cotillard became the third French actress to win an Academy Award Claudette Colbert and SImone Signoret won in 1934 and 1959 respectively.

Performance in La Vie En Rose

Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose has been called one of the greatest performances on film by Sir Trevor Nunn.Prior to winning her academy award, critic Jeffrey M. Anderson stated that:

Cotillard here gives a vigorous, demanding performance that runs the gamut. She plays a teenager all the way up to Piaf’s decrepit mid-40s (during which she looked like she was in her 70s). She captures Piaf’s rawness and awkwardness, and refines it as time passes. She doesn’t sing (Jil Aigrot provides the singing voice) but she throws her words to the rafters as if she were singing. Unless I miss my guess, the Academy will remember this performance come next February.

His premonition came true once she won the Award.

Cotillard is currently slated to appear in Rob Marchall’s Nine opposite fellow Oscar Award winner Javier Bardem and in Michael Mann’s John Dillinger movie Public Enemies opposite Johnny Depp who plays John Dillinger.

Cotillard Controversy
Cotillard stirred the controversy pot in late February when she stated matter-of-factly that the 9/11 plot was a conspiracy foisted to erect new buildings and that the Apollo 11 landing was faked. She quickly retracted those statements and stated her comments were taken out of context.

Controversy aside, Cotillard’s future looks very bright and if her performance in La Vie En Rose is any indication this actress will be around for years to come.


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