Scents for Spring

Written By , on March 3, 2008

Uncorking a favorite bottle, decanter or weirdly shaped candle of a new fragrance can truly be a singularly wonderful experience. The bouquet of a scent, its ability to bring back faint memories or try it out on a significant someone is worth the price of admission. This month we look at 3 scents for Spring that will part the seas, open the person wearing it to thoughts not remotely imagined before and enlighten. That was all hyperbole, but the point should not be lost: these Spring scents are an important part of any woman’s perfume collection.

8 88
by Comme des Garcons

This new scent stays away from the floral themes of past Spring. It in fact is not meant for a particular season but more as something that can be worn year round. It just so happens that it is a recent perfume and definitely deserves a certain degree of attention. The scent is initially strong and unmistakable. The miracle happens after the first inhalation. We’re talking a softening of the scent, it is almost as if it is settling into your natural scent almost as if homeostasis is being reached. What kind of scent do you end up getting? You end up with geranium, saffron and notes of amber that waft upon the first couple of seconds of wear. This perfume is not for everyone. Comme des Garcons innovates and so you end up taking a leap of faith that this scent truly will work for you and you really will love it. The mechanics behind the scent works so does the ideology behind the perfume. It is not love at first sight, but something meant for the longer term.

Chloe (Eau de Parfum)
by Chloe

A dry spell best describes Chloe’s perfume efforts for the past 3 years. There has been nary a peep from the French fashion house on the scent front. Then all of a sudden, as if by magic, the company releases an Eau de Parfum. Again this is not expressly a Spring scent as it can be worn any season with compliments coming from everywhere. But for the purposes of Spring we’ll take note and be happy for doing it. It’s a good thing that this scent can be found at Chloe stores and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York primarily. 10 seconds with the perfume girl spritzing a card or worse, you, is not enough to truly appreciate what was done with this scent. A mixture of cedar and lychee with rose undertones makes this a unique experience that you will cherish for any season… Hint: buy it for the Spring. It retails for $110 2.5oz.

Laura Biagiotti Donna
by Laura Biagiotti

The Italian fragrance queen graces us with a very unique scent this season. Although the scent debuts this Spring, this is also another year round perfume great for any occassion. As a matter of fact after the initial whiff it may be decided that this perfume is best left for the darker months (December, January, February). That is truly the byproduct of having a mixture of the white musk and white pepper notes. But don’t let that confuse you (as well it should not), the undertones of white orchid and jasmine more than make up for what may initially seem like an overpowering scent. There’s also tones of black currant, prune, peach blossom and sandalwood cedar. One would think the maker threw all these scents into some sort of wicked cauldron to get this product as-is, but there is genius inherent in he design. The perfume is available as a body product and an Eau De Parfum.


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