London Fashion Week Fall 2008 : Xterity

Written By , on February 12, 2008

Photography Anne-Marie Michel

Black appeared to rule the show at Xterity, in the form of 1940’s fishtail pencil skirt suits. Patent corsages gave it a prom feel, these were debutant’s of the highest calibre. Pearl detailing and large round retro buttons added to the feel of fashion from a time gone by. As kids bopped along to the Puppini Sisters,flappers strutted their stuff. The highlight was a full length couture-esq gown sporting hand made floral corsages. The colour ways lightened mid way through introducing gold on gold, lilac, cyan blue and ripe raspberry. A bit samey in places, Xterity kept interest with its vintage inspired details and modern twist to what was one of fashions finest eras.


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