Head to Toe in 2008

Written By , on January 2, 2008

This year our beauty resolution is to make sure that we focus on the whole body. 360 maintenance is the key to getting exactly what we want out of being beautiful from head to toe. Because beauty doesn’t simply end with facial features, it’s time to look at the overall body and the things that can be done to get it looking if not at it’s best, close to it’s best.

Skin – Complete skin care means using the right skin products for not only the face, but for the hands, arms and feet as well.
Our Resolution: Using water based moisturizers (as opposed to oil, and moisturizers with fragrance or alcohol). The beauty experts say that within two months the results (real results) will be apparent.

Hamadi HairHair – Beginning the healing process. If you have colored your hair, used a shampoo or conditioner with which you are not familiar or have done some other ungodly thing with your hair, it’s time to start over. It’s time to start from scratch.
Our Resolution: Using Hamadi’s Healing Serum. You can wash, lather, rinse and repeat but by the end of the day, we want hair that is ready for 2008 and anything it brings. So before coloring this year, before getting the cut, before putting any additional chemicals in your hair, use this all natural organic serum to get things back to base. Then you can start using all the other products that get your hair in experimentation mode. You can find the product here

Feet – The feet are unbelievably important for obvious reasons (you stand on them and expose them in the summer) and we may have neglected them before, but not this year. This year is different. This year we will take care of our feet and we will get them looking absolutely gorgeous. Our Resolution:Get a massage, slough off all the dead skin under your feet, wear comfortable shoes during the cold weather and then put on the heels once it starts getting warm. These are all personal ideas but let’s look at them one by one.

-Keep the skin on your feet soft by using a foot moisturizer. Yes, they make them and they come in all shapes, sizes and scents. Use the moisturizers at night especially before you go to sleep to get beautiful, wrinkle-free skin.

-Wear comfortable shoes. The doctors will tell you you should always wear comfortable shoes. Who are we kidding? Comfortable shoes usually mean ugly shoes. Still, find something that you feel absolutely fine wearing aesthetically and start wearing it. Your feet will absolutely love you for it. Once the summer months hit, you can break out the heels and wear whatever you want. Though keep a pair of flip-flops handy at all times.

Strengthen your toe-nails. Use nail natural nail strengthening products to get your nails ready for prime time. A product that we love here in the office is the Bioquick Cream for Nails. This product contains lactic proteins and amine acids that will help the nails grow properly and strengthen them.

All these resolutions will help get you rolling for the year that is 2008. It’s time to be beautiful once again.