It’s All In The Bag: Lip Balm Line Tastes and Feels Delicious

Written By , on December 3, 2007

Lip balm, a popular cosmetic, is now tasty, moisturizing and cheap, thanks to Beck Rustic’s “Bag Lunch” a mouthwatering selection of hand poured balms. With a blend of sweet almond oil, beeswax and shea butter, “Bag Lunch” solves the constant annoyance of chapped lips, all while providing a hint of flavor. From pancakes and syrup, to a chilled margarita, there’s no child-like behavior in these products.

Beck Rustic, a lip balm addict, wanted a product that suited her mature taste. “I’ve always loved lip balm and, much to the dismay of my parents, kept tons of them scattered around the house when I was a kid. I still wanted the crazy flavors, but wanted a balm that wasn’t geared towards kids so much.” Rustic attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, where she studied color theory, advertising and marketing. She then began designing her own creation of lip balms that offered the necessary amount of moisture, while being appetizing enough for all ages. “I did a lot of research on ingredients and how beneficial they would be as lip protectants. I then did a lot of trial and error test batches of balm, until I found a recipe that I thought was the most moisturizing and soothing.” In result, Rustic designed creamy balms that go on clear and have a burst of flavor.

The name “Bag Lunch” was merely Rustic’s own interpretation of every day lunch hour. “I find that people eat all sorts of weird things for lunch, like leftover cake and cold pizza. So, it would be a fitting name for a company that would be focused on food.” Both the press and shoppers immediately gobbled up the scrumptious line, which led to the creation of custom party favors. “A few people contacted me asking if I offered a ‘wedding cake’ flavored lip balm,” Rustic states. “They wanted to hand them out as wedding favors. I thought it was a neat idea.” Today, “Bag Lunch” offers a custom label design with colors and fonts that customers could select for personal events and businesses.

Aside from the unique alternative in advertising, what exactly makes “Bag Lunch” different from the thousands of other lip balms on the market? “Bag Lunch” is an independently owned line that offers an array of flavors. For those seeking a local diner feel, “Peanut Butter & Jelly” resembles the warm, gooey union of sweet and delicious. On the other hand, “Cup of Coffee” excites nostrils with an aroma of freshly brewed coffee, minus a sour aftertaste. If you’re seeking a sugar fix, “Fudgie Brownie” is one of the most popular flavors which contains a dose of warm melting chocolate that won’t pack on the pounds. Rustic agrees that flavors, such as “Cupcake Frosting” and “Vanilla Cinnamon Buns” are also frequently purchased by shoppers. “I think that with the onset of all these crazy diets, people still need a hint of sweetness…so anything sugary or cakey does well with ‘Bag Lunch.'”

When Rustic isn’t traveling cross-country to find old diners, she pleases hundreds of mouths with new flavors and gift sets for the upcoming holidays. With limited editions that celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa, there’s something for anyone on a budget. Best of all, any purchase of “Angell Food Cake,” a vanilla cake balm, goes to MSPCA-Angell, an international organization in animal protection and veterinary medicine. Whether you’re seeking to satisfy your sweet tooth or want to give a helping hand, “Bag Lunch” has a lip-smacking collection that will keep you, or a special someone, yearning for more.


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