Spiritiually Designed: Mathew DiSpagna Interview

Written By , on July 20, 2007

One can practically find beauty in anything. Mathew DiSpagna just happens to create that beauty through his jewelry collections – DiSpagna Designs. Mr. DiSpagna is not your typical jewelry designer. He has hanged with Phil Lesh, bass guitarist of The Grateful Dead; is a massage therapist; and a painter that dabbles in oil pastel, abstract art. One would wonder how he even has the time or energy to make such beautiful and spiritual creations. Just chalk it up to him being a ” jack of all trades and still a master of one”.

Papierdoll: So how did you get started in jewelry design?

Mathew DiSpagna: If you told me two years ago that I would be designing jewelry, showing that jewelry in fashion shows and meeting people who wanted to wear my jewelry, I would have asked you if you were out of your mind. But somewhere along the way I picked up a pair of pliers and galvanized steel wire and decided this is the right career path for me. Some people get high from the gym, others from beer with their buds on a Saturday night; I make jewelry.

PD: Where does your inspiration come from when you are designing each piece?

MD: I am inspired by the fact that anything is possible. The beauty of this art is that there are little boundaries. That fact alone allows me to continuously push myself further and further. Each piece I create is very different from the next, and each piece is a reflection of the emotions I feel as I am creating. I am also inspired by dance, music and light, as well as abstract arts.

PD: If your collections could be described as a particular dance, music or light what would they be?

MD: Dance, Spinning, Dead Head terminology, look it up. Music, Indobox, defiantly Indobox, download them. Light, Laser Show, preferably Led Zeppelin at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA, Dance, music and light; every Sound Tribe Sector 9 show I have ever been to.

PD: Any jewelry designers that you are just enamored with?

MD: Since I consider fashion and jewelry design an art, I am enamored by artists who work with various mediums. One artist who comes to mind is M.C. Escher. Escher had such a unique style of art using lithograph and wood mediums. His work is mind altering and gives the viewer of his work a different perception, sometimes multiple perceptions all in the same piece of art. One other artist, if you will, Frank Gehry. Gehry is another mind altering artist, but he took his art to architecture. Designing such buildings as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, his unique style is unmatched.

PD: At a time when it seems very ‘trendy’ to be more in touch with the spiritual side of life and be concerned about the environment do you think your collections couldn’t have come at a better time?

MD: If being spiritual and environmentally conscious is a current trend, then I think everyone should get on the bandwagon. My jewelry in fact says a great deal about the time we live in. It is a fusion of the earth and everything natural with industrious and technological advances. The raw stones represent all things that are natural and ancient and the metals represent all things modern and contemporary. We live in time of binaries and polar opposites and we are beginning to omit words like versus from our vocabulary. We seem to be in a transient time where we are just learning how to fuse the physical with the metaphysical.

PD: Have you ever experienced or had a client experience any healing properties from your jewelry?

MD: I have had clients tell me that the first time they put on a piece of my jewelry they feel a warm wave of energy that radiates from wherever it lands on their body. Beyond adults, I have also found that children are the most receptive to the healing energy. I met a woman who had an 8 year old son who was immediately in awe over my jewelry. I am currently in the process of creating him a custom piece. Yet, none of this surprises me because many children these days have a Rock Collection, as well as a Nintendo Wii.


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