Karl Lagerfeld Knows How to Throw a Party

Written By , on June 15, 2007

I apologize for the long title, but I simply had no other way to describe Karl Lagerfeld’s runway show this past may. It was a great time sitting there and watching his collection at Santa Monica Airport. Security was tight enough that one would think we were actually getting on a plane.

And there was no reason to believe we weren’t getting on one because Lagerfeld took those in attendance for a ride. With the sun getting ready to bid adieu, two small jets with the Chanel logo taxied into the hangar and gorgeous models wearing his cruise 2007/2008 collection sauntered down the literal runway.

They wore smoking jackets, 70s style stewardess uniforms (sidebar anything 70s is going to look super cool at this point), and I won’t even get into the bags that doubled as dogs. Bernard Arnault would be rolling over in his grave if he were dead and knew the expense this spectacle must have cost. But who are we kidding? This is Lagerfeld and if the man who doubles as a vampire (I kid and I love) wants to spend lavish money and hold a fashion show on a runway it’s his prerogative.

Just to get to the party theme and retread a bit…I marvel at how awesome is was to have two jets roll up a runway and have models dressed in designs mimicking stewardess uniforms. After reading John Colapinto’s opus in the New Yorker on Lagerfeld it’s there’s no need to guess where Lagerfeld’s ideas come from.

One thing is certain, the man knows how to throw a party.



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