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Written By , on May 22, 2007

There are a myriad of lipstick products on the market that make an even larger variety of promises when it comes to what they can do, how long they last and how you will look one you get it on your lips. Lipstick that functions well won’t end conflict in the Sudan, nor will it predict the winner if an election, but it does can make the wearer, namely you, feel absolutely fabulous.

Mojo cosmetics became acutely aware of this and dedicated itself solely on lips. They created three lines/products that attend to finding perfection (if attainable) at the lip level.


The Titan is not a pure lipstick product per se’, it is more of the location for the lipstick. With the lipstick conveniently tucked inside. Superman’s heat vision won’t get through this thing because it is heat resistant, and according to the mojo cosmetics website contains a “heat tempered aerospace grade alloy”. You have to love a company that benefits from the billions of dollars used in space ship missions and in turn puts it to good use… your lips.


No, they won’t hurt you. They are actually the refills that the lipstick products come with. You literally buy the bullet, make sure your titan is completely emptied out and shoot your bullet in. As you can see from the colors in the photos, Mojo has figured out the colors wanted for the season. It gets better as the seasons go on because different bullets can be used, thus preventing the unnecessary purchase and clutter of more lipstick.


This lip gloss/plumper will take even the flatest/lifeless lips and make them blonde movie starlet sexy. While the end result may be up for a robust debate, one can not disagree that mojo is on to something with this “sheer gloss”. No cracking, no smearing or smudging will happen and the lips actually look as if they are puffing up Lisa Rinna style.

Having tested out each invdividual product in the Papierdoll Magazine labs (i.e, my bathroom) it can safely be said that Mojo may give the majors a run for their money with a strict focus on getting a woman’s lips right.

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