Followup: Jay McCaroll

Written By , on October 2, 2006

Why do we love Jay McCarroll? Because he’s raw, talented, and tells you like it is. This past New York Fashion Week Jay debuted in the tents his long awaited collection since winning the first season of Bravo’s Project Runway. Almost living in the Bryant park tents for a week, I know first hand that Jay’s show was one of the most pushed in, sneaked in, and had to be in spectacle that went on that week. His show was colorful, fun, and mixed dramatics with simplicity. It reminded me what I loved about this industry in the first place, and gave me a new hope for our fashion future.

We recently decided to follow-up from our interview with Jay from March. Here is what Mr. McCarroll has to say:

PD: Now that your first runway New York fashion week show is complete, do you ever plan on doing it again?

JM: Last week I would have said hell to the no. This week I’m in fall development land and am getting excited about my concept, so I would have to say I’m looking forward to it.

PD: What was the most important part in creating your spring 2007 collection (from the drawing table to the catwalk?)?

JM: To create something that was fun and colorful and inspired. I’m glad to say I will never suffer from the “I was inspired by old Hollywood glamour and making a woman feel sexy” shtick.

PD: What kind of responses are you getting on the collection?

JM: Everyone really likes it, saying it was fresh and very Jay, which is nice that there is a “very jay”, that I do in fact have a perspective…a point of view.

PD: I remember from our first interview you said that you wanted to make clothes that everyone could wear. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished this goal with the spring collection?

JM: To look at the collection overall, because of styling, it looks very space age…cartoony. To examine closer, I integrated the pieces that will be sold in stores into the collection. I was very careful to not alienate the customer. There are some really great basics along with some cool printed things available.

PD: Would you like to go “public” and design a line for Target or Kohl’s, like Isaac or Paul & Joe?

JM: Yes please!

PD: Would you like to weigh in on the skinny model controversy?

JM: Is this a new subject? Models are skinny…that’s how it’s always been. They are genetically produced like that. That’s why they do what they do. We need to be more concerned about the girls in Hollywood who are starving themselves and the media that is praising them for it. Or you can be like me and accept who you are and eat pizza and not give a fuck who is caring.

PD: Do you think that you will ever get tired of clothing, designing, or the industry?

JM: I hope so.

PD: If you were going to take a risk and step out of your “box” what could we anticipate that line would look like?

JM: Why would I step out of my “box”? I spent a lot of time creating and nurturing and defending this “box”. I fear too many designers step out of their box. Thus the abundance of beige and tan this past season.


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