Papierdoll recognizes that every brand has a distinct look, feel and quality. When it comes to putting your company in front of an attentive audience like ours, one size DOES NOT fill all. With this in mind we collaborate with prospective advertisers to create custom ad campaigns that not only reach a wide audience, but receives a positive response.

Papierdoll was named a top ten shopping site by Forbes Magazine. Papierdoll was also named a top ten holiday shopping pick by Our articles have been featured on, New York Magazine, Our editors and writers have been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Evening Standard and The Scotsman.

Papierdoll reaches a broad cross section of a predominately female audience interested in products and services from compatible brands. Our audience includes women who value quality high-end design via our Papierdoll Magazine, women who value special deals, discount codes and sample sales via our Thriftychick brand and women who enjoy getting relevant news via e-mails and sponsored newsletters.

We provide several advertising configurations with the ability to be served either via our servers or through the advertiser’s servers. Ad formats include [video, waterfall images, site wraps (selective wraps), newsletter (on average 15,000+ subscribers)]

Papierdoll publishes monthly (with daily news updates), Thriftychick publishes Monday through Friday, Look publishes Monday Through Friday, Papierblog publishes Monday through Friday, iPapier publishes sporadically throughout the week.

To schedule an ad run or look at any type of advertising opportunity please contact Sam Francois:
via email:
via phone: 917.697.7555