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photographer Andrew DeFrancesco
stylist Kat Clements models Isabella and Kristi from Q
hair Dallin James makeup Jessa Blades
shoes Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet
jewelry Mociun

Samantha Pleet is one of our favorite designers because she’s prolific and is constantly evolving. I remember visiting one of her first shows in a cramped space on the lower east side years ago (can’t exactly remember how long ago but I want to think it’s been about 5 years). Although we didn’t get to highlight the collection earlier this year, her Fall 2013 collection is still available and with about 3 more months of winter left, there are plenty of worthy pieces from the collection that should be picked up. Without further ado, this gallery highlights all the pieces from her collection.

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Photography: Fabrizio Perrini
Model: Carlijn De Jong
Stylist: Valeria Gaetano
Designer: Reana Rubeca (Clothing), Leopardessa (Clothing), Valentina Sarli (hats)
Make up and Hair: Ro&Ro Scuola di Trucco (Rosy Alai, Rocco Ingria)
Assistant: Eleonora Tosti
Location: Coffee Pot Park (San Lorenzo, Rome, Italy)

From the surreal to the over the top. Fabrizio Perrini captures designers Rubeca Reana, Leopardessa and milliner Valentina Sarli’s work all in a wonderland in Rome, Italy. We also interviewed Perrini to get his view on fashion photography, plus sized models and more. Visit here to view the full interview.

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photography Reka NYARI

There’s nothing like lounging around during the summer in a Swarovski crystal bra hair fully done and makeup entirely flawless. That’s what photographer Reka Nyari captured in this photoseries for us and we couldn’t be happier. Contrary to the vibrancy of summer makeup, the makeup artist used earthy colors and was a bit subdued in her representation of Spring and Summer. When asked why the muted tones for a season known for sun and fun, she stated, that the colors are representative of two things: the individual models and the feeling. She stated that trends trap women into making makeup choices that are not always flattering for specific types of skin. It’s best to use personal judgement and sometimes the lightest makeup possible is the best (especially in a season of heat and humidity).

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Alina German is a bit of a contradiction to us. In one instance she can create a mini-dress with geometric shapes with a sleeveless shoulder-cut design, and in that same breath she can design a handmade ruffled skirt with acrylic lining. Does this signal a greater contradiction happening within German’s own mind? One can never know. But we do hope that if it is a contradiction, it continues, as her Spring/Summer 2013 collection is pleasing on the eyes and creates a distinct look not found elsewhere.


Photo credits:
All items designed by Alina German

Photo Credit: Provided Courtesy of Alina German

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It’s always fun to introduce a new designer to the ranks of published works. This month is no different. We present Audrey Gerard. We were pointed in her direction by one of the models featured in the shoot and couldn’t resist publishing because her collection is the epitome of fresh. Using solid cuts and asymmetric geometric pattern prints throughout the collection, Gerard shows a versatility welcomed in a new face. A particular favorite of editors here at Papierdoll is the halter gown in gray/taupe with hundreds of roushed accents from waistline to foot. Gerard’s collection is fun to see and we’re hoping she pops up several times over.

Photo credits:
All items designed by Audrey Gerard

Photo & retouches:Christophe Vrankenne
Models: Liesbet Michiels (brown hair) & Ann-Sophie Petlic (blonde)
Make-up:Lorraine Dethier Mua
Hairstyler:Num Derochette
Stylist:Audrey Gérard

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[two_column]Creating an iconic bag is a feat that only a few have been able to perform. In many instances this iconic bag is created by names that the audience knows, to where most people are familiar. An up and comer rarely creates this type of fashion accessory because it takes time and experience. Designer Choryin Choi has broken both axioms with the creation of her Cydelic collection. Papierdoll interviewed him to get an understanding of how he created his iconic bag as well as her direction for the future. View the photos above. Click here to read the full interview.

Photo credits:
Dress – Cydelic by Choryin
Purse – Cydelic by Choryin
Shoes – Jeffery Campbell
Bracelet – Vince Camuto
Rings – Expression

Top – Cydelic by Choryin
Skirt – Cydelic by Choryin
Purse – Cydelic by Choryin
Shoes – Aldo
Bracelets – Vince Camuto

Dress – Cydelic by Choryin
Vest – Cydelic by Choryin
Purse – Cydelic by Choryin
Shoes – Vince Camuto
Bracelets – Vince Camuto
Ring – Expression

Dress – Cydelic by Choryin
Purse – Cydelic by Choryin
Shoes – Jeffery Campbell

Photographer: Jeff Hui
Model: Anne-Marie Portelance
Designer: Choryin Choi
Stylist: Kenisha Paranso
Makeup Artist: Christina V Nguyen
Hair Stylist: Carlos Pang
Writer: Alexa Tomaszewski

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[two_column] The Whetherly collection is a view into a world of edgy femininity. Designer Leila Nasseri has taken a mere idea and transformed it into a girl’s a girl’s want-to-have-wardrobe. View the photos for more. [read more] [/two_column]

P h o t o g r a p h y :: A d a m S e c o r e
2 n d U n i t P h o t o g r a p h y :: H o w a r d No u r m a n d
Ma k e u p :: S a g e Ma i t r i a t T h e Wa l l Gr o u p
H a i r :: Ni c o l e Wa l p e r t a t T h e Wa l l Gr o u p
S t y l i s t :: L i a D a v i s
Mo d e l :: Na t a l i e L o v e

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“(…) an impressive runway debut for a designer whose work experiences chez Galliano and McQueen have clearly paid dividends.” – Hamish Bowles, American Vogue

Born and raised in Denmark, Anne Sofie Madsen studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design. Anne Sofie Madsen trained under John Galliano for Dior in Paris and worked for acclaimed trend forecasters Peclers, before moving to London to work for Alexander McQueen as Junior Designer. With an impressive resume Anne Sofie Madsen debuted with her couture-inspired collection during London Fashion Week in 2010, announced by the Vauxhall Fashion Scout as a new rising talent. Anne Sofie Madsen launched her eponymous label followed by the debut of her SS12 capsule collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2011 which was described by American Vogue as being (…) an impressive runway debut for a designer whose work experiences chez Galliano and McQueen have clearly paid dividends.” – Hamish Bowles, American Vogue.

[text from Gen Art designer preview materials]


Anne Sofie Madsen makes her Spring 2013 Collection debut during Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York this September.

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[two_column] Designer and fashion baroness, R. Shay Miles collaborated with prolific photographer Arturo Torres and the beauty and style mavens of Evolving Images Inc. and Chinaka Hoshi, to channel a glamorous time-period in cinematic history. [read more] [/two_column]

[two_column_last] Photographer: Arturo Torres Photography
Model: Faith Garcia (Represented by JE Model Management)
Makeup: Tavia Garland of Evolving Images Inc.
Makeup Assistant: Leina Novicio of Evolving Images Inc.
Hair: D.Naylor of Chinaka Hoshi
Styling: Desiree Young of Evolving Images Inc.
Shoes: Footcandy, Walnut Creek, Calif.
Venue: Empress Theatre, Vallejo, Calif.
Vintage Vehicle/Driver: Johnny “Shotgun” Stokes for 1937 Buick Oldsmobile
Where to buy: DunUp Boutique, San Francisco, Calif. [/two_column_last]

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Click full screen image on right to view foto story on your screen.
[two_column]Imagine having New York City as your virtual playground. Photographer Tomaas had his way with the city in this foto story. Melding beautiful fashion with an incomparable team, he set out to create a view into fall fashion that can be worn endlessly and is without trend. We present The Visitors. [/two_column] [two_column_last] Photographer: TOMAAS
Represented by Robert Bacall Reps

Photographer Assistants:
Patricia Tscharskyj
Guillermo Real
Dustin Cantrell
Tyler Peterson

Stylist: Carlton Jones
Asst-Jacinto Onofore
Make Up Artist: Fiona Thatcher For Make Up For Ever.
HAIR STYLIST: Seiji Uehara

Models: Yana & Adriana from Ford Models [/two_column_last]

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