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Fashion is growing up this fall. When you think about it, everything is polished. Even the messy hair was a little more kept and a little less ratty than past seasons. It’s about a loose chignon, not a disheveled bedhead, and it’s about loose, structured pieces, not ultra baggy garments that swallow you whole. Look ahead to your bright future by dressing the part and polishing up where your wardrobe needs it.

Add structure to your wardrobe with this oversized men’s-inspired vest. Worn over a T-shirt and skinnies for day, it also breathes new life into a saucy cocktail dress for a downtown chic we all want to be seen in.

Whatever color you choose, go for a bold lip this fall and winter. Cream finishes work with the done feel of the season, but major gloss is the way to go if you aren’t used to donning dark hues. In a season where neutrals rule, bright lips provide the perfect splash of color and allow you to update your look for under $10.

Ditch cocktail dresses that are tight and short. This season is all about that effortless, relaxed ease that shows you’re confident. An easy-to-wear cocktail dress in silk or chiffon looks modern when it’s a roomier silhouette than we’re used to seeing for evening. Keep hair and makeup prim for that perfect FW09 look.

Dress up your cozy fall and winter garb with a mid-size metallic bag with chain strap. Gone are the days of hauling around a handbag the size of a suitcase. A metallic touch looks posh, but it’s still functional.

Warm up in a luxe knit cardigan coat, which can work with jeans as well as work wear when belted. Instead of reaching for dreary black or brown, let shades of gray, beige or taupe be the neutral of choice which will break up a dark winter wardrobe.

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Fall fever gives everyone the longing for a few new duds that can gets us through the remainder of the year. As the weather starts to cool down and the days get shorter, you need smart, adaptable pieces that are versatile, but not lacking in the style department. Get on board with fall’s hottest trends and use them to elevate the staples that already exist in your wardrobe (it will be great to put that sheath dress, dark skinnies and cardigans to good use, no?).

Animal Print – Use it to amp up your dark basics and make it office-appropriate by pairing it with smart separates. This DKNY sweater ($145, net-a-porter.com) is great tucked into a high waist black skirt for work and with dark skinny jeans and flats on the weekend.


Statement Necklace – It’s still all about the necklace. This season statement necklace (about $16, forever21.com) is hotter than ever and can add that extra zing to an all-black ensemble. Let it do the bulk of the styling by wearing it with a crewneck or scoop neck sweater, slim trousers and a basic pump.


Hardware – Wear it on your belt (about $7, forever21.com), bag or shoes; hardware is wear it’s at. You choose silver or gold, and then sport the trend via studs and buckles, which add an instant cool factor to subtle pieces like a basic black dress and T-shirt and jeans. Use a hardware happy belt to cinch together a long cardigan over a tank or T-shirt for a clean, fashion-forward look.


Smoky Eyes – If you’re going for one beauty trend this fall, let it be the smoky eye look. It’s wearable, and with a little practice, pretty darn easy to pull off at a moment’s notice. If you’re a klutz with an eye pencil, reach for a super thin brush and cream liner (about $10, drugstore.com), which makes it easy to create a sultry look, even for those of us with a less-than-steady hand. Simply line and slightly smear for a stunning look that will make you look party-ready in a jiffy.


Neon – Get your DayGlo on with a basic piece ($44, shopbop.com) like a T-shirt in ultra bright neon. Anchor it with dark basics and once the dreary winter days roll around, let the hem peek out from beneath a textured sweater and jacket.


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Oh, the power of accessories. Just when you thought you were safe with dark prints and wide leg trousers, you start to realize that the real power dressing lies in accessories. Those little extras can elevate a look and are often the way to make your staple wardrobe current and fashion forward. Take a look at the essential add-ons for this fall.

Statement bags are nice, but also sort of overexposed at this point. Bright bags are everywhere, and since fall will boast plenty of color and details like ruffles, buttons and hardware, a grey bag balances the chaos ($160, bananarepublic.com). Neutral bags have become just as relevant this season, and the key color to reach for is grey. Whether it’s slouchy and large or structured and compact, grey works with fall favorites like magenta, cobalt and even prints.

Look for a touch of grunge this fall season. Whether you throw on a fit and flattering plaid button-up or go all out with combat boots ($565, shopbop.com), adding a touch of grunge keeps things interesting, especially when you play with girlish pieces adorned with Cobain-worthy accessories.

Color and texture is the perfect place to experiment when it comes to that winter go-to item: tights. Opaque tights ($20, americanapparel.net) were all over the runways for F/W ‘08, and they’re perfect for pairing with stacked heels and flats. Colors like navy and wine are nice alternatives to black and grey.

Sometimes the best accessories include our makeup, and this season’s bright lips don’t take a backseat to any other beauty trend. Bright colors are usually reserved for spring and summer, but the trend is carrying over into fall by way of violet, magenta and crimson lips. Look for transfer-free shades ($14, nordstrom.com) that will stay put all the live-long day.

The name of the game is peep-toe booties ($355, Saks.com) for fall. Pick out a pair and wear them now with bare legs, and as the weather cools down, you can pull out your wardrobe of tights to keep your tootsies nice and toasty. Colored suede is big, but if the notion freaks you out (and yes, the yellow suede luring on Louboutins is freaking me out as well), stick with dark shades that are wearable and fresh.

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Samantha Cabrera’s committed eye takes a look into what you should wear for Fall ’08.

Typically, fall has a sense of gloominess. Gone are flirty sun dresses, now wardrobes are making room for wool suiting, shawls, and boots. This season, fall has a very different feeling with various hues and florals, making the cut for what’s hot. For those of us who live in black, it’s the perfect way to experiment without leaving our comfort zone (after all, what looks better with a plaid pencil skirt?). For those who have the Carrie Bradshaw-look down pat, feel free to mix patterns, colors and texture. Anything goes, so keep your eyes peeled for some serious fun this autumn.

– Wrap up in a cozy cardigan ($48, urbanoutfitters.com) and get more use out of summer’s little dresses when
worn with tights and boots. Neutrals like black, grey and navy are always appreciated, but look for other surprisingly easy-to-wear colors like mustard and rust.

– Fall is dressed up, and there’s no simpler way to do it than with a dress ($425, net-a-porter.com). Look for classic shapes. A nipped waist, slightly puffed sleeves and hemlines that skim the knee are work appropriate and have that understated sense of sexiness that most of us only dream of having.

– Plaid is one of the easiest ways to try out a pattern this fall. Throw a cropped plaid jacket ($24.80,
on over a tank and jeans for the transition season, and go very fashion-forward once the cold weather arrives by wearing a 3/4 sleeve version over a turtleneck with wide-leg pants. The look is definitely tough, so go soft elsewhere.

– Menswear-inspired pieces will take you a long way this season. A high waist pant is essential ($225,
, and details like an extra wide leg and pleats elevate the look. Wear with a chiffon blouse in a delicious fall color like raspberry to add a touch of femininity to your look.

– Printed skirts and dresses in dark floral prints ($69.50, express.com) are making the typically summer-associated motif a favorite for fall and winter. A dark background anchors the frou-frou oversized flowers, and wearing a piece with chunky heels balances the girly factor.

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The most recent accessory that has taken the male world by storm? Why sneakers, of course. Sneakerheads have cropped up in every city from Berlin to Boston. They collect them by the dozen(s), meticulously choosing colorways, fit, and style. To call it a subculture is an understatement, and to try and keep up is a job in itself. This issue, Papierdoll brings you five sneakers that are essential picks for the modern man.

Is it a sneaker? Is it a boot? This concoction from Alife ($110, available through Alife stores, (212) 375- 8116) is the lovechild of both. Available in a sandy color, your standard black, and this olive shade, you can be sure that even the most anti-fashion guy would give them a second glance. Our pick is the olive…casual enough for trolling the streets on Sunday, and nice enough to hit brunch before.

Sneakerheads have a distinct voice when it comes to the world of avant garde footwear. An artsy twist on the typical kick is this one from Y-3’s Yohji Yamamoto, dubbed the Tenji ($320, eluxury.com). The grained leather trim and mix of texture elevate this sneaker to new heights in the world of luxury shoes.

Topsiders have made a huge comeback…or they will. Just wait until this time next year when the masses are ironically pairing the classic shoe with everything from acid bright t-shirts to hoodies and skinny jeans. Since standard slip-on Vans can get a bit old (most guys have worn them since high school), their topsiders ($46, zappos.com) are a brilliant alternative to a summer shoe.

The perfect compliment to Chanel’s new perforated Rodeo bag, these perforated leather sneakers from Supra, referred to as the Cuban, are the slick answer to all of the gaudy bright sneakers that seem to have taken over the market. Sleek and cool, the shoes are streamlined making them versatile and a great starter piece for those only dipping their feet into the world of sneakers.

Leave it to the boys of Gourmet to create a canvas variation ($150, available at The Spot, (613) 860-0505)of a much beloved Nike classic. This idea has caught the attention of the suits at Nike, and now it’s harder than ever to find these kicks. Grab them while you can in Balenciaga-worthy colors like Tiffany blue, royal purple and the most insane shade of yellow we’ve ever seen.

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Hot? So are we. Take a look what’s in our beach bag this summer and get ready to get some sun while beating the heat and looking oh-so-lovely.

Summer heat gives hair a brutal beating. This conditioner works like an old-fashioned cream rinse, giving hair a serious boost of moisture, while keeping the frizzies at bay. Jonathan Product Condition Weightless No-Frizz Creme Rinse (try saying that five times fast [$22, sephora.com!) is a lightweight conditioner that works on every hair type, and for most, can be the only product to get them through summer. Simply use this instead of your regular conditioner, pin your hair up, take a nap and end up with fabulous wavy locks worthy of Carrie Bradshaw.

Oh, sunglasses…you’re our favorite way to splurge. Face it: they always fit, and make you feel like you’re fighting off the paparazzi, so what’s there not to love? The Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses ($360, eluxury.com) are back, and in more colorways than before. Pitch black sunglasses have taken a back seat this season (we all have a pair!), so experiment with animal prints, nudes (like this), and colored frames.

In-between pedicures my own feet can look, well, a little haggard. With the sun and sand (and strappy sandals) that accompany our feet during the hot summer months, it’s no wonder that when we do finally plant ourselves in pedicurist’s chair, our feet are as rough as a farmer’s hands. Not attractive. Keep your feet gorge between pedis with the help of Lush Lemony Flutter ($13.25, lush.com). Meant for your cuticles, this balm makes a mean soak when paired with extra cushy cotton socks worn overnight. The mango and flaxseed oil work wonders to keep your feet looking like they’re fresh from the salon all season long.

It’s summer. We want a tan. Since every other option will kill us, we’re left searching for the perfect self-tanner. Last summer (and earlier this spring), the winner was still L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee ($9, amazon.com). Annoying name, but the stuff works wonders, so I’m sticking with. It’s a gel formula that goes on smooth and makes your skin silky smooth in the process. Best of all? It doesn’t stink!

Havaianas are a mainstay of every fashionista’s beach kit, and now they’re available in metallic brights ($18, shopbop.com). Yellow is our personal fave (pair with a white tank and rinsed Siwy shorts or an equally bright swimsuit), but the orange and hot pink have us salivating as well. Luckily, they’re affordable, so swiping up multiple pairs is a definite option.

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Sandals…oh how we love thee! Shoes can take you places…figuratively and literally. Compiled here are our picks for summer sandals, all of which are a sick take on the standard Grecian sandal that no one can get enough of.

Because flat sandals in a neutral are oh-so-right now, these Chloe sandals ($575, net-a-porter.com) will cost you a pretty penny, but keep your feet looking right no matter what you’re wearing. What do we love about these? Well, you can wear them with everything from a thrift store dress to your Acne skinnies and not bat an eye when it comes to whether they “match.” They aren’t supposed to…and that’s sort of the allure.

Gold sandals take a backseat to more interesting metallics this summer. Look for pewter, muted silver and bronze to look dressed without trying to look dressy. These sandals from indie label Devotte ($335, satineboutique.com) incorporate both dark silver and antiqued gold studs, so they’re like jewelry for your feet. Really hardcore, hipster jewelry, of course.

Delicate enough to wear with a wedding dress, and tough enough to make the rounds at Coachella, this sandal ($68, urbanoutfitters.com) has it all. If dresses and skirts seldom make it into your wardrobe, use this sandal to give a girlie balance to your look without going overboard.

Animal print has to be done right in order for it to work, and this leopard (or is it tiger?) print definitely does. Consider it a neutral, and wear this sandal ($248, josephstores.com) with every color in your closet for an extra shot of crazy.

Gap brought on shoe designing whiz Pierre Hardy to create the first Stateside installment of footwear for their Design Edition collection. These flat sandals ($78, gap.com) are available in silver, dark whiskey and white, perfect for those of us who can’t get enough of summer’s loud floral prints.

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The air sure feels green these days, no? From organic this to eco-friendly that, the fashion world is quickly jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to going green. Not there’s anything wrong with this, it’s just sometimes hard to distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly. We’re not fans of eco-friendly clothes that are made in ethically-unfriendly conditions, so when buying green be sure to read the label. It’s like eating low fat products that are loaded with sugar…it just ain’t good for you. In honor of Earth Day later this month, here are Papierdoll’s Essentials for going green and looking good.

– For a good while American Apparel had tons of organic cotton products, but they were only available in that bland oatmeal color. I know most dyes contain chemicals and other grody stuff, so I couldn’t complain. Now comes the arrival of the American Apparel Organic Fine Jersey Short Sleeve t ($15, americanapparel.net) in a rainbow of colors. From this fierce ultra bright purple to your standard black, the unisex t-shirt is an essential for going green and not altering your lifestyle…or style.

– Spring is all about dresses. They make for easy dressing during the warmer months, and are total style chameleons when it comes to a change of shoes. This one, from eco-friendly brand Edun, is right on par with spring’s big print trend. Of course since it’s white on black, it’s also good for those of us who wouldn’t be caught dead in color. The Edun Requiem Dress ($295, tobi.com) is a great pick for the earthy girl with a flirty side.

– As it stands now, all leg openings are “in” when it comes to our denim. Skinny legs aren’t going anywhere, and we’ve also embraced wide leg jeans worthy of Farrah in the ‘70s. The Del Forte Willow Trouser Jeans ($194, tobi.com) boast a high waist and a wide leg, so style them accordingly. A simple tank tucked in will have you looking effortlessly chic in no time.

– Natalie Portman, everyone’s favorite child assassin, has teamed with Manhattan specialty store, Te Casan. As a vegan herself, Portman found a void in the market for hip shoes that are cruelty-free. Always a standout on the red carpet, Portman now adds ‘designer’ to her resume with the launch of her collection ($165 and up, tecasan.com or call 1-877-TECASAN) that includes satin ballerina flats, faux-patent maryjanes, and metallic sandals. Several styles are already sold out in the presale phase, so jump if you plan on landing a pair.

– Because you can’t do an eco-fashion list without a little Stella. The Stella McCartney Appaloosa Large Tote ($995, net-a-porter.com) is a big bag that packs a lot of style with gold hardware trimming a gorgeous nude frame. The slouchy style has structured handles, so you can wear it with to the office and to weekend brunch. The generous size fits plenty, even a laptop. That’s green, stylish, and functional.

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Spring brings to mind a myriad of fashions that you absolutely cannot be without. A trench, a pair of flats, some sort of headwear and a fabulous dress all mean that you will be ready once the weather gets warmer and the sun peaks its head out for just a little longer. Are you ready for some Spring Essentials? So are we:

Via Spiga’s different take on the trench deserves a special mention. Instead of going for the normal, run-of-the-mill 3/4 trench, the designer opted for something slightly to the left of standard. We won’t complain, we’ll actually shout in adulation as this is the trench done right for the season, an essential at (Bluefly for $150).

Opening Ceremony got the Patent Lace Up Sandal right. It’s says Spring without trying to go all crazy. Here’s a quick tip, the easiest way to make this work is with a pair of opaque stockings. It will show that you’re a fashion forward girl with the know how like no other. It’s exclusively at (Shopbop for $308.)

Sometimes all one needs is a simple handbag for the Spring to set everything off. Simple as in not too difficult to understand. simple as in easy, functiononal yet beautiful. This Rika bag at Colette is exactly what it means to have a simple, functional bag that screams fashionable Spring. We would die not having a handbag, this one gives us hope that death is far away. Available at (Colette.fr for $880 US / €580 Euros. )

It’s NEVER too early to plan for the prom. Now some will go out and have it specially made, it ends up looking like some sort of gaudy monstrosity. Let’s face it, not every dress is beautiful and most are mediocre at best during the season. Seeing as how Spring means prom, this Zac Posen Lacquer Jacquard dress would work well for the season, but it would also work well for most other occasions as well. So don’t hide it in the closet after prom or (insert occasion here), wear it whenever. It’s available at (Eluxury for $1900)

The death of the hat has been greatly exaggerated. It won’t go away, it will be here forever and we guarantee that you will be wearing one at least once this season. So why fight it. Get a beautiful hat to compliment something subtle. This Contrast Brim Trilby Hat at Topshop is exactly to what we’re referring. If you’re in London or have a friend there, make sure to pick this keeper up. It’s available at (Topshop for £40)

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Spring is just around the corner, as are the acid bright colors that will be oh-so-prevalent this season. While it may be hard to ease into the Day Glo colors, Papierdoll suggest jumping in head first. Anchor neon with new neutrals like grey and beige, and keep black patent around for a go-to way to bring down the volume when you’re feeling a little timid.

The Tory Burch logo is quickly becoming recognizable among the chic set. It’s loved for its subtle coolness and slightly ‘70s vibe, so when you put it on an electric blue clutch, it comes to life. The Tory Burch Resin Clutch ($295, toryburch.com) is a great go-to clutch for day or night, and provides a great accessory for dressing bright.

It isn’t easy wearing green, but when styled right, it can come off as downright effortless. Philip Lim, maker of all things easy chic, brings us this stunning little frock that can be paired with flats for day or metallics for night. The modern take on the shift dress comes to life in this Kelly green color ($450, satineboutique.com).

L.A.M.B. is easing its way into our handbag-lovin’ hearts one season at a time, and this time around they’ve got plenty of wearable bags that will make our hearts sing. Our favorite (for the time being) is the Los Feliz Beverly Tote ($395, shopbop.com). In bright orange nylon, the bag can take you to the supermarket, M.I.A. concert and beyond.

No one does swirled brights like Pucci. This pair of grained leather graphic print pumps ($450, eluxury.com) is your answer to spicing up a monotonous wardrobe of all black. When paired with a bright white bag the look is modernly mod. We approve.

Yellow trousers, you say? Yep, we said it. Bright colors are coming out in every way imaginable, so take the plunge with a bright pair of cigarette pants and style accordingly. This pair from Alice + Olivia ($242, shopbop.com) transitions to evening with a change of accessories, and would look just as cool perusing around an amusement park.

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