What Is.
Papierdoll is a collection of everything in fashion, tagged, categorized according to various curators. We have a free flowing website and print publication that reflects our varied tastes. Viewing our archives will give you a look into our present and our past going back to our inception in May 2005. Enjoy every article, every photo and every video.



The Daily
Who is doing what, when, where and how, neatly wrapped up in a little section we call The Daily.

Fashion features from writers around the world. Updated weekly with photos and more.

Interviews with designers, celebrities, models and the inteligentsia of fashion. No subject is too taboo, nothing is off limits.

Fashion photography without boundaries. Uncensored and original photographs from today’s most creative minds. Check out the latest in fashion here.

Essentials in fashion writter by market editor Samantha Cabrera and style slave Wendy Dixon. These are the items that you can not do without.

It’s a beautiful life and the only way to make it more so is with a bit of eyeliner, lipstick and blush. Read about the newest items in the world of beauty here.

Required Reading
Fashion literature penned by the top writers of our day. We review them objectively and with open eyes. Get your learn on here.

The future is nothing without the past, So we document trends, personalities and items from the past. Your next inspiration may be here.

Unabashed opinion for your consumption with one limitation: 100 words or less. While not haiku style, still limiting, so, get to the point.


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